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» Aromaline lifestyle in english

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» Aromaline lifestyle en español


Aromaline information in english

Aromatherapy according to Claudia Göbel*
1. Aromaline stressless treatment**

Are you or friends of you or relatives in permanent stress?
Are you in the risk of burnout?

Think if some of the following sentences are exactly corresponding to you:

  • the former possibilities to relax don't function anymore
  • ultimately concentration is more difficult
  • I react often nervous and irritated
  • in the last year I was often ill
  • decisions which were easy before are now difficult
  • mistakes creep in more frequently

When you agree to two or more of these sentences let this be a warning to you...

This composition of essential oils by Mrs. Göbel and the special method to apply it to the body are developing their health enforcing power on all systems of the body.

  • the treatment calms and strengthens the nervous system – Aromaline stressless is a certified burnout treatment by the World Health Organization
  • is balancing and harmonizing the hormonal system for example in case of menstruation or climacteric ailments
  • stimulates digestion and regulates the appetite
  • has an effect on the blood circulation system
  • and stimulates the regeneration of the skin in case of stria, cellulitis, acne and others problems with the skin

Summarizing the effects we can say Aromaline stressless harmonizes, regulates, balances and strengthens all bodily systems

Aromaline stressless is a pleasant treatment like vacation from everyday life, pure relaxation

During the manipulation the oil composition is being introduced gentle, smooth and tender in the moistened skin

You can get Aromaline treatments from my wife Mrs. Verónica Hernández or from me, Paco Schmid.

Special offers till the end of 2012

For the Aromaline stressless treatments are now the following special prices till the 31st of December 2012 valid:

The first aromaline stressless treatment for 1 1/2 hour is at the price of the treatment for one hour, that means you get the treatment for 77 € instead of 99 €. you save 22€!

The regular prices are:
for the first treatment with “mirroring” for 2 hours 199 €,
for 90 minutes 99 €,
for 60 minutes 77 and
a quickie of 1/2 an hour 52 €.

You can also buy the oil composition for the application by yourself at home.

Aromaline stressless 50 ml 45 €

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